For Retailers

For Retailers

Welcome to the Retailers' section of the North Dakota Lottery website. Please review the information below, much of the information you may be looking for is provided in an appropriate section.

If you cannot find the information you need, please feel free to contact the North Dakota Lottery Office and we will be happy to help.

Application & Licensing

Apply Now!

To apply for a North Dakota Lottery Retailer License, please complete the documents below. Mail them with a map of your location and the appropriate application fees to North Dakota Lottery, Office of Attorney General, 1720 Burlington Drive Suite C, Bismarck, ND 58504-7736.

Please read the Application Instructions (PDF) carefully. Contact the North Dakota Lottery at 701-328-1574 if you need any assistance. Applications not complete with forms, signatures, or fees may be disqualified or held for further information.

What Is Required Of An Approved Licensed Retailer?

When a retailer is tentatively approved for a lottery license, the owner or general manager must complete and return the forms, agreements, and fees listed below. The first year's licensing fee is $500. The licensing year is from October 1 – September 30.

The general manager of each retail location must complete a North Dakota Record/Credit Check Form. If this manager had previously submitted this form and fees with the original application, please disregard this step.

I Am Changing My Financial Institution Or Bank Account.

Retailers are required to submit change in bank account information in writing 30 days prior to the change by completing the following form (PDF).

We Are Selling Our Business, Changing Our Business Name, Or Changing Our Business Location.

Retailers are required to submit change in ownership, change in business name, and change in business location in writing 30 days prior to the change. Please call the North Dakota Lottery office at 701-328-1574.

We Have A New General Manager.

A new general manager must complete and sign the North Dakota Record/Credit Check Form (PDF). The form and appropriate fees should be sent to North Dakota Lottery, Office of Attorney General, 1720 Burlington Drive Suite C, Bismarck, ND 58504-7736.

Annual Lottery License Renewal.

Retailers may renew their lottery license each year by completing the online application and licensing agreement. A $150 renewal fee will be automatically deducted from the retailer's bank account. The licensing year is from October 1 - September 30. Renewal notification will go out to licensed retailers in early August of each year.

Retailer Request for Credit

Go here (PDF) for the retailer request for credit form.

Winning Retailers

Congratulations to our winning retailers this year!

Draw Date Amount Won Game Retailer City Retailer Bonus
8/12/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Family Fare Supermarket #115 Fargo $500
8/10/2022 $5,000 Lucky for Life Pony Express Shell Bismarck $250
7/30/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Scenic Sports Williston $500
7/29/2022 $20,000 Mega Millions with Megaplier Simonson Station Store #3 Grafton $1,000
7/27/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Albertson's #2028 Williston $500
7/26/2022 $30,000 Mega Millions with Megaplier Casey's General Store #3231 Horace $1,000
7/19/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Pick & Click New Town N/A
7/19/2022 $30,000 Mega Millions with Megaplier Superpumper #39 Bismarck $1,000
7/18/2022 $150,000 Powerball with Power Play Casey's General Store #3296 Fargo $2,000
7/13/2022 $5,000 Lucky for Life Red Carpet/Superpumper #80238 Mandan $250
6/6/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Simonsom Station Store #4 Minot $500
5/27/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Loaf 'N Jug #679 Jamestown $500
5/24/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Leevers Foods Devils Lake North Devils Lake $500
5/14/2022 $60,000 Lotto America with All Star Bonus Family Fare Supermarket #115 Fargo $1,000
5/7/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Cash Wise Foods #3051 Bismarck $500
5/4/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Pick & Click Grand Forks N/A
5/2/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Envisions Cenex of Mohall Mohall $500
4/25/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Ladots Belcourt $500
4/25/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot The Hub Convenience Store #6 New England $500
4/22/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot M&H Gas #25 Minot $500
4/21/2022 $5,000 Lucky for Life Leevers Foods Devils Lake North Devils Lake $250
4/20/2022 $100,000 Powerball with Power Play The Hub Convenience Store #1 Dickinson $2,000
4/19/2022 $44,000 2by2 Tuesday Doubler Jackpot Shop N Fuel Enderlin $1,000
4/13/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Pick & Click Bismarck N/A
3/30/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Hugo's #3 Grand Forks $500
3/27/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Hornbacher's Village West #2693 Fargo $500
3/23/2022 $5,000 Lucky for Life Pit Stop LLC Dickinson $250
3/9/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Little Dukes #3020 Bismarck $500
3/9/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Cenex C-Store Jamestown $500
2/22/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Cenex on Memorial Mandan $500
2/14/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot M&H Gas #13 Mandan $500
2/12/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Parshall Cenex Parshall $500
2/11/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Pick & Click Alamo N/A
2/6/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Pick & Click Buxton N/A
2/2/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Farmers Union Oil Co. of Glen Ullin Glen Ullin $500
2/2/2022 $25,000 a year FOR LIFE Lucky for Life R Family Market Elgin $2,500
1/29/2022 $5,000 Lucky for Life Superpumper #7 Minot $2,500
1/26/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Cenex C-Store Ellendale $500
1/21/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot North Hill Marketplace Foods Minot $500
1/20/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Casey's General Store #3514 Oakes $500
1/19/2022 $150,000 Powerball with Power Play Superpumper #80246 Bismarck $2,000
1/13/2022 $5,000 Lucky for Life M&H Gas #15 Jamestown $250
1/5/2022 $100,000 Powerball with Power Play Horizon Market Bismarck $2,000
1/2/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Family Fare Supermarket #103 West Fargo $500
1/1/2022 $22,000 2by2 Jackpot Loaf 'N Jug #687 Fargo $500

Retailer bonuses are paid when a winning ticket of $3,000 and over is sold. For complete detail, please read Administrative Rule 10-16-02-07 (PDF).

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