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Mega Millions

How many states participate in Mega Millions®?

Mega Millions is played in 44 states, D.C. and U.S. Virgin Islands. To learn more about the participating jurisdictions, go to: www.megamillions.com.

What is the cost of a Mega Millions® ticket?

The cost for a single play is $2. If a player chooses the Megaplier® option, there is an additional $1 charge per play.

What is Megaplier®?

For an extra $1 per play, add Megaplier to increase your non-jackpot prizes by 2, 3, 4 or 5 times!  To add Megaplier, simply mark the Megaplier option on your play slip or ask your retailer to add it to your Mega Millions play..

MATCH 5 and win up to $5 million:

If you MATCH 5 (five white balls) with Megaplier, you can win up to $5 million!


When are the drawings held?

Drawings are held each Tuesday and Friday night at 10:00 p.m. CT. To be eligible on the nights of the drawing, you must purchase your Mega Millions tickets before 8:58 p.m. CT.

What are the odds of winning a prize?

The odds of winning any prize on a $2 play are 1 in 24.00. More detailed information on odds and prizes is available at: www.megamillions.com

How many ways can a player win?

There are nine different ways to win (including the jackpot)! Mega Millions Information

Can a player purchase one ticket that is good for more than one draw?

Yes. A player may buy a Mega Millions ticket for up to nine consecutive draws (current draw plus the next eight draws). This is a "multiple draw ticket." A player may also choose to purchase a Pick & Click online playfor Mega Millions. A Pick & Click online play is good for one (1) draw up to a full year!

Why is the Cash Option amount different than the advertised jackpot for Mega Millions®?

A jackpot prize winner may choose to receive the prize money in annual payments over a period of 29 years (30 payments over 29 years), or as a single lump sum cash payment.

When a player chooses the Cash Option, the Lottery pays the money that would have been invested over 29 years directly to the player in one payment.

Both payment options are subject to income taxes. A player automatically receives the annuity option unless the player chooses the Cash Option within 60 days of claiming the jackpot prize.

What happens if I win the jackpot and pass away before I receive all the payments?

If a winning player passes away during the annuity payment period of a prize that is paid on an annuitized basis, the Multi-State Lottery Association's game group, in its discretion, may accelerate the payment of all of the remaining proceeds to the player's estate.

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